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The White House recently announced a $600 million investment in professional apprenticeship programs. The administration hopes to strengthen ties between community colleges and private companies — and equip workers with the skills they need to secure good-paying jobs in growing industries.

This initiative could not come at a better time. Millions of Americans are unemployed. Yet in manufacturing alone, a half-million jobs are going unfilled because firms have been unable to find qualified workers.....

In Wisconsin,

my company, Green Bay-based KI Furniture, has brought in over 1,000 local students for plant tours and internships. Two of our peers — cheese-maker Sargento and snowblower and lawn tractor manufacturer Ariens — have done much the same.

There is a common perception that American manufacturing is in decline. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead, a shortage of qualified workers is holding American manufacturing back. Our nation's leaders must invest in closing that skills gap. If they do, an American industrial renaissance will follow.

Dick Resch is CEO of KI Furniture in Green Bay.

Ken Notes: We agree...

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