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A total of 24 teenagers have seized the chance to forge top engineering careers through a new apprenticeship scheme linking a Newcastle school with Rolls-Royce.

The trainees from Excelsior Academy’s sixth form college will begin working in the world-famous engine maker’s North East Training Centre in September with the prospect of bright careers with leading engineering firms lying ahead of them.

The four-year engineering apprentice scheme sees the teenagers learning skills such as welding, fabrication, machining, computer aided design and electrical wiring. This practical experience is combined with classroom work at Excelsior for the first 12 months.

After that, the apprentices head out to work with North East employers, completing their remaining three years of training under the watchful gaze of Rolls-Royce staff who will monitor and supervise their progress.

Rolls-Royce’s apprenticeship programme boasts an outstanding track record of placing graduates from its North East training centre with engineering companies across the region, equipping apprentices with skills that are in demand globally at a boom time for the engineering sector.

Ken Notes: ...and from the sound of this program they will be able to AFFORD a Rolls after it is over. We still do not get it on this side of the pond...

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