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Not everyone is ready, willing or able to go after a four-year degree after high school.

But what do you do? You join the working world. But even that route isn’t paved with gold. Most available jobs are at minimum wage. It’s hard to pay rent and raise a family on that.

So you have a high school diploma? Nice job, because without that, it’s tough to move forward.

In the United States, the high school graduation rate in 2012 was 80 percent. That same year, according to state Department of Public Instruction data, Wisconsin had a graduation rate of 88 percent. In Madison, that rate was 77.3 percent.

So on a national level, one out of five individuals will — because of lack of education — be stuck on the low rung of the earnings ladder with little chance to climb.

Even with a high school diploma, prospects can be iffy. But that diploma is a launching point that can open doors to opportunities unavailable without it.... Bob Van Enkenvoort

Ken Notes: and if you know this as a junior in High School you should be able to pursue the skills needed to get a blue collar job without having to wait until you graduate!!!

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