News - - ...If elected to the state Senate, I will continue working to make our community a better place. In the Legislature, I have been a leader when it comes to worker training and investing in our infrastructure. Having an educated and well-trained workforce is what brings employers to Wisconsin. All too often, we hear that there are jobs available, but we are lacking qualified workers. I have worked to increase funding for our technical schools so they can reduce wait lists, and voted to create grant programs for hands-on training and to increase funding for apprenticeship programs...

Ken  Notes: WisconsinApprentice does not take political sides, but this election season we encourage you to take an active role in getting your candidates to make strong on the record statements regarding - apprenticeship, job training, school to work  transitions, education, and jobs. We can then hold their feet to the fire regarding what they said and make this a nonpartisan issue. Save the articles and links and I promise to remind them of their commitments --- weekly.
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