News - - The future of economic progress in Wisconsin is being questioned in a new report from the Wisconsin Budget Project, which shows state lawmakers may be hindering the tradition of investing in education and other assets that contribute to business growth and development.

Research analyst and report co-author Tamarine Cornelius said decisions made by state legislators over the past three years have derailed the Wisconsin's history of investing in education and health care.

Cornelius said the people of Wisconsin have long viewed these investments as building blocks to prosperity.

"We have a great university system, a very solid structure of public schools and over time we’ve built up the resources we need to make those excellent education systems, and it's paid off,” she said. “But today's lawmakers have rolled back some of those investments and unfortunately, we're seeing some of the results."

Ken Notes: We have a breakdown in the trust and understanding regarding higher education. We HAVE to fix this, we have a great system and the potential to do great things -- but the politics in Madison and on some campuses is creating a disconnect. We need to start advocating for things we can agree on like skills, school to work transitions, keeping jobs and grads in Wisconsin, on the job training, and of course apprenticeship.

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