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When Oregon School District director of technology Jon Tanner found out he won a grant to host a summer personalized learning workshop on “gamification” of classrooms, he figured it would be a good learning opportunity for district teachers.

The July 24 event ended up drawing nearly 150 educators from all around the state, from as far away as Green Bay and Milwaukee, proof positive that not only is personalized learning catching on, teachers around the state are taking notice of what’s going on in Oregon.

The event was focused on personalizing learning and how game design can be used to improve classroom learning; a combination of two popular trends in education, Tanner said. He won the grant from the Wisconsin Technology Initiative, which paid for the entire event, including breakout sessions facilitated by K-12 Wisconsin educators from around the state. Those included 14 presenters from the district, as well as staff from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and UW-Madison....

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