News - - As the Secretary of Labor, I have a unique opportunity to meet with employers around the country of all sizes and from an array of industries. So many of them tell me the same thing: They're ready to grow their businesses and to hire more people.

But here's the rub: Too often, they can't find workers who have the skills they need.

Meanwhile, although businesses have added 9.9 million jobs since February 2010, a lot of people are still hurting, unable to access the opportunities that will allow them to share in our national recovery. About a third of those who remain unemployed have been unemployed for six months or more.

So what exactly does "job-driven training" look like? Here's an example. The Wisconsin State Bureau of Apprenticeship has been creating better jobs and brighter futures through apprenticeship for over 100 years. Wisconsin partners with a statewide network of technical colleges which are the primary providers of related instruction....

Ken Notes: Nice to know we are on the radar screen, now we need to expand the program and since the US want to use us as a shining example of how this works they should be happy to help. I'm just saying...

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