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“Dark. Dirty. Dangerous.” “Manufacturing is going away.” “Stay in school so you won’t have to work in that factory.” These are just some of the misconceptions that are common about manufacturing, and these negative beliefs have had an effect. Our manufacturing workforce is aging and the younger generation is not showing interest in getting the skills needed to replace these workers.

Manufacturing has long been the economic driver for the United States. According to Manufacturing Institute, U.S. Manufacturing is the world’s eighth largest economy. Every dollar in final sales of manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other work sectors. This is by far the largest multiplier of any employment sector.

Ken Notes: One of our failures in the educational system is our in ability to paint an accurate picture of what the real workplace is like. There needs to be a stronger connection between businesses and the educational system. We never question the need for doctors to intern yet we ask most high school graduates to jump headfirst into a workplace they know little about.

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