News - - A vice president at Gov. Scott Walker's job-creation agency who resigned his position in August then changed his mind two days later complained about the competency of the second-in-command, Walker's former deputy chief of staff, documents released to The Associated Press on Monday showed.

The documents, which include the resignation letter, a response memo, and other internal emails praising the vice president, reveal bitter disagreements among top leaders of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Walker created the quasi-public agency in 2011 to lead job-creation efforts in the state to help him fulfill his promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs.

Ken Notes: Wow this is just wrong all the way around. WEDC has to refocus on jobs, training, skills, and opportunities for our workforce. I do not get it, I know great people who have left and off the record expressed concern with direction, too much politics, and a lack of understanding. I am not, nor will not throw stones here, but as an advocate for business I can suggest we need to work together to create skilled workers and a level playing field for business to succeed.

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