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Nasif Rogers, a social studies teacher by training who now works as an instructional coach at Nicolet High School, knows there's an achievement gap at his school.

Nicolet's average graduation rate, ACT and Advanced Placement exam scores are impressive, but the marks of the majority student population — middle- to high-income students from educated families — mask some of the lower scores of a small group of students from lower-income families.

And research suggests even the highest-performing Nicolet students in math lag behind the average student in Asia.

What to do about that gap?

The Milwaukee School of Engineering, of all places, thinks it has a solution. As does the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Princeton, N.J., which partnered with MSOE's business school and local education leaders to launch a new type of school administrator preparation program this summer — an MBA in Education Leadership that blends on-the-job management training in schools with business-school coursework.

Rogers is one of 15 candidates pursuing the new program, officially known as the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership. The participants — who are mostly teachers from area urban and suburban schools with some leadership experience — were officially introduced this week at a ceremony at MSOE......

Ken Notes: READ THIS article. This type of program should be anything but unusual! Thanks MSOE!

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