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"Dark. Dirty. Dangerous." "Manufacturing is going away." "Stay in school so you won't have to work in that factory."

These are just some of the misconceptions that are common about manufacturing, and these negative beliefs have had an effect. Our manufacturing workforce is aging, and the younger generation is not showing interest in getting the skills needed to replace these workers...

...One of the many "wins" from the Business and Education Committee has been the expansion of the youth apprenticeship program between schools and manufacturers.

Tyler Wolosek is a youth apprentice at NewPage's Research and Development, or R&D, facility. The apprenticeship is a state sponsored program that matches what a student learns in the work experience to his or her curriculum in school. Those who successfully complete the program get a state certificate.

Tyler's science teacher recommended him for the program, which will look great on his resume as he furthers his education in a science-related career after high school.


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