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In an interview on Thursday with the Daily News, Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Evers discussed what he has been doing to close the state’s achievement gap. He also urged legislators to increase funding for public schools while prohibiting expansion of school voucher availability.

“Over the past several biennia legislators have chosen to put their priorities elsewhere,” Evers said. “We need to make sure we have a good trained workforce. One of the best ways to have it is to support public education. We need to make sure that can happen. We are not increasing our population much, and we are relying more on our schools to make sure kids are college and career ready.”

Ken Notes: I like Tony and actually offered him a job once (long story), but I wish he would address school to work transitions more.  Because of the economics he and teachers remain committed to keeping everyone in the classroom until they graduate, for some this is clearly not the best option. Instead of vouchers couldn't we work with business to provide additional money to education at the secondary level for transitioning students to the workplace.

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