News - - The River Food Pantry's primary goal is feeding those struggling with hunger, but the pantry's unique new program, The River Bakery, combines providing food with finding employment.

The River Bakery students spend day in and day out making cookies, breads and scones

“I've learned how to do muffins a whole lot better,” said Emme Thorpe, a student at The River Bakery.

But ultimately what they're creating is a fresh start.

“I'd been unemployed for a while,” Thorpe said. “I hurt my back and can't do the heavy lifting that I usually do.”

That's why Thorpe applied for The River Food Pantry's free, bakery job training program.

“This is a nice tie-in to the food pantry,” said Pat Gallagher, community relations director for The River Food Pantry.

Thorpe's classmates have different backgrounds. Some are coming from the court system, others lost their jobs during the economic downturn...

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