News - - A group of consultants who help companies find the best locations for their businesses liked much of what they saw during a three-day stay in the Fox Valley, but they also noted some challenges the community faces in drawing new jobs.

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Four site selection consultants arrived in the Fox Valley this week for a tour organized by the Fox Cities Regional Partnership. They met with members of the business community and learned more about the region's business profile, labor and amenities...

Ken Notes: Interesting, when I was a Mayor up there I thought we were on the radar screen. Now that I work in Madison I know that with the possible exception of Milwaukee, Wisconsin metros are at best tier two. We have GREAT corporate structures and businesses but all are home grown... KC, Plexus, HD, Kohls, AmFam, Kohler, EPIC, JC, ManPower, Menards... and MANY More -- but few are serving as magnets for others and many of our best grads are seeking greener pastures elsewhere. This should be the focus of a new administration. We should get a Honda, or Apple facility here in the state. It is about have the skill-sets these companies need. We do we just don't show well...
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