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Two large employers in Minnesota can’t find enough workers. Why?

MPR News reporter John Enger reports today that Polaris is flying in about a dozen “skilled” workers from Mexico to its plant in Roseau. The company has struggled finding enough workers for years and there are 200 jobs available.

Between 150 and 200 workers are holed up in hotels, because housing is hard to find.

Polaris wouldn’t comment on the story so it’s difficult getting an answer to the question: Is there a shortage of skilled workers or is the money not enough for skilled workers to want to work in Roseau?

On its website today, Polaris lists only seven job openings in Roseau.

In Rochester, the answer is a little clearer on the question of supply and demand.

There’s a nurse shortage at Mayo Clinic, so the medical organization is turning to nurses with associates degrees, citing a large number of retirements.....

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