News - - Xcel Energy is hoping it can replace retiring workers in a hurry. In fact, they say they'll need to in order to keep your service up and running. The company expects half of its workers will be retiring within the next decade. This week marks Wisconsin's Careers in Energy Week. With that in mind, we explore how Xcel is helping its potential job applicants rise to the challenge.

"Without a doubt 100% of what they learn here they will use out on the job," said Mike McLaughlin, Xcel Energy Supervisor.

It's far from your typical classroom setting. But at CVTC's West Campus Wednesday, students in the Electrical Power Distribution Program were given a hands on type of test... ...'Typically when a person leaves here, if they get a position with a utility, they're going to serve a four year apprenticeship. They'll be considered a journeyman lineman, and then it typically takes another four years to really make a well-rounded lineman," McLaughlin....

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