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When Dave Branson, the executive director of the Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin, stopped by the office on a recent morning, he handed me a card.

On it was a list of skilled trades followed by a set of figures that showed the hourly pay and fringe benefits for each of them.


Boilermakers earn $32.05 an hour with fringes averaging another $28.04 for a total of $60.09 per hour.

Total hourly pay and fringes for bricklayers: $51.74; cement finishers, $50.05; drywall finishers, $43.65; electricians, $54.63; ironworkers, $53.23; laborers, $40.09; painters, $43.35; plumbers, $55.24; sheet metal workers, $58.95.

You get the picture.

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