News - - Though Stathopoulos is not a household name, the contributions from the father-son team bearing this name will affect the household of God for generations.

In the past seven decades, the artistic gifts of restoration have benefited thousands of parishes around the world. Locally, John and Jim Stathopoulos have restored several churches in the Diocese of La Crosse. Most recently, they completed restoration work at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Marshfield...

...When he was about 12, he found himself sitting in a church mesmerized by a man repairing a fresco on the ceiling. After watching a second day, John said, "The man asked me 'Why (are) you here. What (do) you want?' I told him, I want to do what you're doing."

That very day, he began his apprenticeship, living out a passion and developing gifts he had not yet known. The artist mentor was known just by his first name: Apostolo. His one passion was restoring churches. In his aging years with no wife or children, he gladly began teaching John his trade. Apostolo also took John into his home to provide for his needs, including ensuring that John attended school.

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