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As the U.S. labor economy continues its massive transformation of jobs and careers, a White House initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden is seeking ways to better match the skills of Americans with jobs that need filling today. As part of this initiative, a June 2014 event called The Future of Workforce Development was organized by Third Way, a Washington think tank.

During this event, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez led a panel discussion of trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, and administrators from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of the nation. Although some economists still contest that a jobs-skills disconnect exists, none of the panelists and government representatives doubted its reality...

...the seven habits that are needed to re-establish this broken link between education and employment are:

  • actively engage local businesses
  • use labor market data to drive decisions
  • treat education like a job
  • connect people to careers
  • provide wraparound student services
  • tap innovative funding sources
  • embrace evaluation.


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