News - - An engineer shortage in Wisconsin has led UW-Stout to consider adding additional degrees in the field. Today, Chancellor Bob Meyer addressed the Education Committee of the Board of Regents to see what changes could be made. Meanwhile, we spoke with a local manufacturer to hear their take on the industry.

LPI of Plank Enterprises is a local manufacturer that hires engineers. 

“Our equipment is specialized and it's used primarily for painting,” says Pete Paquette, the Director of Engineering at LPI.

Paquette says there is a shortage of engineers.

“It seems that the trend is that a lot of the manufacturing is coming back to our country from being done oversees, therefore, the need for more engineering jobs,” says Paquette, “one division of our company is Pro-Cise Manufacturing, the expansion there right now is growing greatly so we are looking for people in engineering disciplines.

Ken Notes: We need a transitional program from tech to college in engineering...
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