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I was encouraged to read this newspaper’s Nov. 30 editorial (“Food stamp reform should go beyond fraud”), which seemed to admit there is some merit to some of the welfare reform proposals contained in my letter to Maine’s congressional delegation.

The newspaper, however, missed the larger point of welfare reform. Reform does not begin or end at deterring an individual from trading his or her electronic benefits transfer card for drugs or cash. It does not begin or end at requiring job-ready, working-age adults to work, look for work or volunteer while receiving benefits.

Welfare reform is much bigger than that. It is about acknowledging that the increasing number of individuals and families dependent on welfare and living in poverty is a failure of previous administrations and their welfare policies....

Ken Notes: I have supported this position for years. I think apprenticeship offered early (Junior or senior year) will both keep kids in school and will offer a path to higher paying sustainable jobs.

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