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The First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship Training program celebrates 10 years in 2015 offering services to individuals interested in careers in the building trades.

Since 2005, more than 1,500 disadvantaged persons, women, the under-employed and displaced workers showed interest in our training and programming with 616 students enrolled and 482 graduates. A 10th-grade level in reading, math and language on the Test of Adult Basic Education with a high school diploma or equivalency and driver’s license are the requirements for enrollment. To date, there have been 416 placements with 200 of those placements in the construction industry.

Of those committed to this career field, there are 25 journey workers in laborer, boilermaker, iron worker crafts with one apprentice in pipefitter, three in electrician apprenticeship, two in iron worker apprenticeship and 25 others in laborer crafts. These individuals who are journey workers are now homeowners while more than 25 are on track to become journey workers in their chosen crafts... Read More At:

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